Masonic Table of Contents

If you wish to follow just the Masonic portions of this blog as it follows my journey into Freemasonry, here are the posts in order.

Discovering Freemasonry

1.  Discovering Freemasonry
2.  Researching Freemasonry
3.  First Contact of Freemasonry
4.  Second Contact of Freemasonry

Application to be a Freemason

5.  Initial Application of a Freemason
6.  The Freemason Investigative Committee
7.  My Initiation Ceremony into Freemasonry

Entered Apprentice Experiences

8.  Freemason Journey – All Caught Up
9.  Entered Apprentice Requirements
10.  How Long to Become a Master Mason
11.  Freemasons like to Party – Robbie Burns
12.  Religious Opposition to Freemasonry
13.  The Life of an Entered Apprentice Mason
14.  The Commitments of a Freemason
15.  The Entered Apprentice Blues
16.  The Expulsion of a Freemason
17.  The Final Days of an Entered Apprentice

Fellow Craft Experiences

18.  My 2nd Degree Fellowcraft Ceremony
19.  900 Years of Freemasonry
20.  Fellowcraft Requirements
21.  Master Mason in the Making
22.  Gettin’ Some Masonic Bling-Bling!
23.  Final Rehearsal of a Fellowcraft

Master Mason Experiences

24.  My Master Mason Degree Ceremony
25.  Master Mason to Senior Steward in One Week
26.  Master Mason Requirements
27.  Beyond The Master Mason Degree
28.  Should Masonic Lodges Only Allow Elite Members?
29.  The Recruitment of New Freemasons

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