Canadian RiteIn November 2006 I became a Freemason. 

I’m not going to release any “secrets or hidden mysteries” here, so if that is what you are looking for, you have come to the wrong place.

I will discuss my journey into Freemasonry, and you will be able to follow along as I work my way through the degrees and beyond.  I have both the Categories “Freemasonry” and “Freemasons” on the right, but they are the same thing so click on either one to filter my posts.

I am not the typical Mason.  I didn’t have any relatives or friends who were Freemasons and I had not even heard of them until a few months before I approached a lodge.  I discovered Freemasonry just by accident through the internet.  

If you have seen the crap on the internet about Freemasonry, you would wonder whether I was interested because I wanted to either protect the “Holy Grail” or “Worship Satan”.  The Truth is always somewhere in the middle. 

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