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Viral Marketing of Microsoft Zune

January 1, 2007

This is probably one of the strangest supposed advertisements out there.  According to the company that produced it, they “did this for Zune”.  The company is “TokyoPlastic” and it is probably unlikely that it would ever be aired on television, but it has become an inadvertent advertisement nonetheless.  A good or bad advertisement is up to you to decide.

Whether this video is in any way truly related to Microsoft is unknown, but it sure is keeping the word “Zune” in the public eye and it is creating a huge amount of buzz.

Most people in the Blogosphere have been criticizing the Zune heavily since its release because of its heavy use of DRM and even its incompatibility with Windows Media Player.  One of the best comments that I saw about this video was “maybe a metaphor for being able to share music with other zunes? the one with alot of eyeballs gives the other a song? maybe the smaller one explodes in a cloud of DRM after 3 days ”

Personally, I will use anything without DRM.