H+H Masonic Journey – Volume 1 Complete

November 1, 2007

When I started this Blog ten months ago, I never thought that it would become so popular. Now with 30 posts, 32000 visitors, and almost 200 comments later, this Blog has become a resource for thousands.

The Masonic community is incredible. Most of the comments on this blog are very well thought out and reasoned. Many of the comments are well over 500 words in length, and some are much longer than even the original posts that they are commenting on. The comments have added greatly to the content here, and give much more information and insight from different viewpoints from around the world.

I have found that almost all of my visitors find my site through the use of Search Engines. My site is found from hundreds of people every day who are searching for the exact experiences that I have related here.

I want it to stay clean, simple and focused as the resource it has become.

I may post some in the future, but I will leave this body of work to be discovered by the Masonically Curious.

I cannot thank all of my readers enough for all of the support and input that made this experience in relating my Masonic Journey so rewarding.



  1. Brother,

    Thanks for making H&H such a nice journal of your experiences. I don’t think you should stop contributing; instead, keep it a clutter-free resource by only posting when the mood or moment strikes. If you only post what really matters, you’ll be fine.

    In the meantime, I’ve listed the URL to my Lodge’s redesigned Website. I’m the new designer and Webmaster for the site. Stop by when you have a chance.

  2. Okay, I just discovered that you have to click on my name to get to the Website.

    – Ben

  3. Brother,

    Your blog is rather refreshing in that it has many parallels to my joining as well as the degree work through the fraternity, and as my new duties within my home Lodge (Me of all people, asked to be Marshall, I still find it hard to believe!)

    As my District Deputy remarked, we have all been where I am now. A bit of trepidation, insecurity or anxiety, but willingness to learn and work for one and all.

    I’m rather pleased and happy with the decisions I’ve made. The effort pays back more than one may realize at first.


  4. H&H has been a true joy to read. It was the inspiration for my own Masonic blog, and a significant factor in my decision to become a Freemason. While a clean and lean site is always desirable, by all means, do not hesitate to continue to post!

  5. Dearest author.

    My name is Chris I am a 23 year old in Nebraska.

    I started reading this blog in the beginning stages of my “Masonic curiosity.” Since then, I have requested information from the GL of NE, and met with two of the brothers in my area.

    I was greatly impressed with the personality of these folks, and the information they had to impart. I had even read your post about meeting with masons prior to my meeting 🙂

    Since then I have petitioned the lodge and had a favorable vote. Unfortunatley due to my request to take the degrees solo, I wont be able to begin my work until the 2nd week of Jan. But I feel that it is worth the wait, as the two fellows I had met with said it was the most effective way to do it.

    Like you my thirst is never quenched for knowledge about this great fraternity, but fearful of stubmling onto something that would ruin the experience of my conferrals… thankfully this blog has been safe in that respect, at the same time as being deeply informative.

    Thank you for the time you put into this work, as it is one of the wedges that helped my initiative to join the craft.

    Thanks again, looking forward to the day I can call you brother..


  6. A great blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading through the posts. My lodge is in Brisbane, Australia and follows Scottish Ritual Working. Our new site is linked to my name below.

    It’s very interesting to see the differences in Masonic structures around the world. On Yeronga Lodge’s site I have a PDF document which shows the structure of Freemasonry in Queensland.

    Best wishes with your Masonic journey. I trust it brings you great enjoyment and personal fulfilment.

    I’ll be a regular reader.


    Paul Holland
    Yeronga Lodge No 246
    United Grand Lodge of Queensland

  7. Wish i had the talent to write such posts.

  8. Your blog is written very well. I share in your experience in after being raised three weeks ago, I have been appointed to serve next year as Sr. Steward and will be installed this weekend (yikes!).

    Anyhow, I am starting a community site focused around masons around the world sharing with other brothers their successes and failures in the blue lodge for the betterment of all who seek further light. Your site has impressed me so that I would like to know if you wouldn’t mind helping me in my goal by contributing to the site. It won’t take much time, and being a Mason in a foreign country adds to diversity in your contributions. Anyhow, please feel free to email me if you would like to participate. Thanks for a great blogging experience.

  9. Your blog is great and I thank you for sharing your journey in masonry. I begin my journey January 17 2008 and I cant wait. Reading your blog has made me even more excited.

  10. I’m late to the party here, but I wanted to add my thanks to the list… When I got interested in the fraternity, H&H was pretty much the first step-by-step account of what joining the Masons is like that I encountered. Your informative and straightforward posts answered a lot of my questions, and ultimately helped me make my decision to petition my local lodge.

  11. All i can say is thank you , i am about to partake in the enter apprentice rite, and i was sort of unsure of what to do or what follows all the way though to master mason, but reading you blog from start to the last post I feel very at ease with what journey I am about to partake….
    Thank you and i have recommended this site to friends whom are also starting there journey to.
    Awesome, keep it going

  12. Thank you very much for sharing your journey with the rest of us. I will be receiving my Entered Apprentice degree in a few weeks. I very much enjoyed reading your posts and getting a small peak at what’s in store. I have added you to my Freemasonry blogroll at http://www.gettingolderandwiser.com .

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