The Final Days of an Entered Apprentice

March 22, 2007

Final DaysIn a few more days, I will be be a Fellow Craft Freemason.  The notice from my Lodge says that I will be passed to the degree of Fellow Craft, if found proficient in the work of the former degree.

There are two of us that will be going through the degree together.  We have been preparing for this Degree now for 4 months.  For the first two months we studied the catechisms by ourselves, and the last two months we have been meeting at the Lodge with our mentor and practicing everything that we will need to prove up on.

For the question and answer section, we will be alternating answers.  For our recital of our Entered Apprentice Obligation, we will be saying it in unison up until the point of the penalties.  Then we will each recite the penalty section by ourselves.  The final part that deals with the “secret work” will also be done in unison.  The “secret work” is basically the signs, grips, tokens and passwords.  There is a series of questions and answers that goes along with this section as well that we have memorized.

The last practice that we had at the Lodge took less than 15 minutes to get through all of our proficiency requirements.  An earlier post here gives more details of the requirements.  I do realize that many Lodges have slightly different requirements, but in reality they are all working towards the same outcomes.

We are both 100% ready with our memorization and 99% ready with our synchronization.  Hopefully we don’t get too nervous and forget things.

I have been looking forward to this for quite some time now and have been “chomping at the bit” to start learning some new material.  I’ll post my account of my Fellow Craft Degree Ceremony soon!

This is my 17th post on Freemasonry and my experiences as a Freemason.  Here is the Table of Contents of my Masonic Journey.



  1. Excellent! We just did an FC last night, and are traveling to another lodge to do a second one next Tuesday.

    Each degree has a “theme” of sorts. As an EA, you were introduced to the basics. The FC degree is more about becoming instructed in the fundamentals of the Craft.

    I’m sure your proficiency will go well.
    Best of luck to you.

  2. Many congrats to you Brother EA. I thoroughly enjoyed the FC degree, and you’ll be pleased to know that the FC memorization is much easier than the EA. Most of it was taken from the EA with only some changes for the FC.

    I will be raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason along with another candidate this Saturday… in almost 48 hours.

    May the blessings of Deity be upon you, and I wish you the best. Please let me know how your passing goes. Also if you need any help with anything, let me know.

    Bro. John

  3. It is good to see some Brethren beginning their travels round after round on the ladder that leads to fame in our mystic circles. We will be conferring a FC degree this Saturday at my Lodge, as well.

  4. Congrats my brother!

  5. Greeting Brother,

    I’m sure that you will do just fine on your examination. I am Isaiah Coffey and I hail from W.C. Thomas 112 (PHA), located in Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy your posts dealing with the Craft. Enjoy your weekend Brother. Travel well and Light.

    Brother I. Coffey
    W.C. Thomas 112
    MWPHGL of Georgia

  6. Hello,

    I also will be turning in for my EA degree this Saturday. I have studied hard and am ready to take the next step. I am from lodge #160 in Trion Georgia. I look forward to moving onto the FC degree and doing the work it requires. In Georgia it is my understanding that you cannot write down anything to do with your degree work so remembering the questions and answers has been hard for me, but ive finally gotten it. Hope everyone does well in their examinations.


  7. Good luck brother Dewayne. I was initiated into FC about a month ago. Working toward more light – MM.


  8. Well, I did it. Tonight was my EA examination and I nailed it. I was a little nervous but my practice paid off. I am now awaiting my init into F.C. Im excited and cannot wait to continue my work.

  9. I was passed on to FC last night, it was great. I am now looking forward to learning all I can and hoping to turn in my FC next meeting for examination.

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