Freemason Blogs increase Masonic Membership

March 3, 2007

The majority of all new Freemasons today have done plenty of research on the Internet before ever stepping into a Lodge.  One thing that I was searching for before I became a Freemason were Blogs that related the personal experiences of new Masons.  I was not looking for promotional material for or against Freemasonry, I was just looking for accounts of what it was really all about.

The only Blog that sort-of fit the bill was this one at www.freemasonblog.com.  The Blog itself actually died out fairly quickly, and I think it is only still there because of the Google Ads on the page, but it later convinced me to start my own Blog to fill that need.

I don’t have the monopoly on the experiences of what a new Freemason might go through, and I encourage others to start their own Blogs.  Here is another one just like mine that I found the other day called “From Darkness to Light.”

Search Results Click on the image to the left to see an example of what people are searching for when they find my Blog.  This is all that I could show from a “screen capture” of my monitor, but some days there are well over 50 different search terms that are finding my Blog – and my Blog is barely 2 months old. 

There are plenty of Masonic Blogs out there now, but most are geared towards other existing Freemasons.  Here are just a few examples of other Masonic Blogs:

The Masonic Traveller, The Tao of Masonry, The Burning Taper, Freemasonry Resources, Freemasons for Dummies, On The Level, and one called Tim Goes On.

When you look way, way back on some of these Blogs, you can find posts about the Author’s Degree Ceremonies.  I would suggest that even when Bloggers have hundreds of posts about Freemasonry, they should still try to make these sorts of posts easy to find for potential new Initiates.  There is a definite demand for those posts.  Why just have a Masonic Blog that always “preaches to the choir”? 

One thing that I have done is create a “Masonic Table of Contents“, so that it will be easier for people to find specific things about Masonry.  Some Blogs already have a section entitled “The Best of” or something similar.

When I fist started my Blog, I thought that I would get a handful of visitors every week who might actaully be interested in what I was going through.  I have no intention of trying to actively recruit new members and that is not what I am advocating, I am just trying to relate one man’s journey into Freemasonry.  If my journey and experience inspire others to look further into the fraternity, so mote it be.



  1. I wouldn’t consider our blogs or really any blogs dedicated to Freemasonry to be a tool of “recruitment”. There are plenty of FAQ pages and other resources on the internet to explain the craft, and how to apply. A Page about Freemasonry for instance is a good source. I was blogging long before I became a Freemason, and enjoy reading about my past thoughts and feelings, so I wanted to start a blog dedicated towards my Masonic journey.

    I haven’t gotten the inquires like you been getting from people wanting to know more about the Craft. But, my blog is far younger than yours, by all of two months. 🙂

    Bro Richard

  2. Wow! A new Masonic Blog just popped up less than a day after I posted this topic. The Blog is called Seeker of Light and it’s first post discusses discovering Freemasonry.

  3. Thank you for the link and kind comments! Im trying to keep it updated as things strike me. I find out tonight I hope about the ballot so you can expect to see something tonight or tommorow 🙂

  4. i want to be a freemason. please guide me

  5. I made my first contact with my provincial Lodge and recieved a response the next day. Now I am waiting like a school girl waits for a phone call from the boy she like at school for the next response.

    I only found you blog today. I’ll read it all, an hope your are still contributing!

  6. Be careful what you publish online. A lot of degree work is not to be public knowledge.

  7. I am not a Freemason but my father-in-law was and he helped me design the, what I call original, Two Ball Cane. We started making them in the late 90’s, well I started making them but he made contacts, helped with the wording for ad’s and such. He has since passed away and I almost stopped making them. He carried one of the canes up till the day of his death. My life has had a few very disruptive days so here I am making canes. I am offering them with a little twist right now, you buy five from one lodge, any combo, and I will donate one to the lodge. The free cane cane be any one I make except the Ebony Gaboon wood choice. Live long and prosper.

  8. have any of your readers heard of a code book i recently aquired Magicians’ Magic Movements and Ceremonies. According to the latest formulas

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