The Commitments of a Freemason

February 17, 2007

Busy I recently found out that there are many Masons who participate in 20-30 Masonic events or activities every month!

As an Entered Apprentice, I have been attending the two official meetings per month in my Lodge, plus we have a members breakfast at a local restaurant once a month.

The Secretary of our Lodge is also the “District Deputy Grand Master” and is responsible for 10 other Lodges in our area.  Given his positions, I realize that he is busier than the average “Blue Lodge” Freemason.  I was chatting with him at breakfast the other day and I asked him how many Masonic commitments he had every week.  He replied that he attended something pretty much every day.  The only time that things slowed down for him were the months that had a fifth week, since Lodges don’t schedule regular meetings during that week.  He pulled out his calendar and it was filled up almost every single day.  In fact, after breakfast he was heading over to another Lodge for something else.

The average “Blue Lodge” Freemason can also be very busy.  I see that our Lodge Officers are scheduled to attend practices for upcoming degree work, there are several special committees to potentially join (my Lodge has 16), and there are always invitations from other Lodges for events and activities.  For example, several Lodges in my area just had “Robbie Burns Suppers” and several are celebrating their Centennials this year. 

I have also noticed that at our regular Lodge meetings we always have guests from other Lodges.  Many of them attend almost all of the time.  I wonder how many Brothers regularly attend more than one Lodge.

When the “Investigative Committee” came to my house a few months ago, I was specifically warned to not jump into extra things right away because it was very easy to instantly have my “dance card” completely filled.  There would always be potential charity work that would be available, but there would also be the other “appendant” or “concordant” Masonic bodies such as the Shriners, Scottish Rite, or Royal Arch Masonry (York Rite in the U.S.) which Brothers would be suggesting that I join once I become Master Mason. 

Since I am only an Entered Apprentice, I don’t have any responsibilities yet, but I think that I will definitely pick and choose carefully in the future.  Being away from home 4 or 5 nights a week wouldn’t sit well with my family right now…

This is my 14th post on Freemasonry and my experiences as a Freemason.  Here is the Table of Contents of my Masonic Journey.



  1. Wow, that’s very impressive. You’re lodge is way more active than ours, but I think it’s great that so much is going on. It’s a great example of what I feel being a Freemason is all about. While we might never live up to your lodge’s standard, it certainly gives us something to strive for.

    I’m currently volunteering for many good organizations. However, I certainly wouldn’t mind if I could focus all my energy towards this great fraternity.

    I get my MM this Thursday…couldn’t be any more excited!


  2. When I joined, I was told that most most important word that I would need to learn was “No.” And it’s true; especially as the fraternity has declined in numbers in the last couple of generations, it falls upon a smaller number of people to do the jobs that need doing.

    I’m careful about picking and choosing, because I have a child that needs looking after, and a wife who is also active with her own interests. Sometimes we have a conflict in schedule, so we flip a coin. But Ii know a few brothers who are out every night. Meetings, committee meetings, OES with their wives, Rainbow or DeMolay with their children. It can suck up as much time out of your week as you allow.

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