Freemason Journey – All Caught Up

January 14, 2007

The last 7 posts (5,000+ words) follow my journey into Freemasonry right from the beginning until the completion of my Initiation Ceremony as an Entered Apprentice Mason.

The journey covers how I first discovered the existence of Freemasonry, how I researched it, how I first made contact, my initial application, the investigative committee, and of course, my actual initiation into the fraternity.

As I said in my first post about two weeks ago, “It has been about a month since I was first initiated into Freemasonry.  At this point I have been to two meetings in my new lodge.  The first meeting was my Initiation and the second meeting was actually another First Degree Initiation, so in reality, I really don’t know much about anything yet.”

This is still true.  I have been working hard to produce my story up to this point from the voice from someone who is still truly “just on the edge” of Freemasonry.  My goal was to be authentic and true to what I was experiencing and feeling.

For those who are researching and considering joining a Masonic Lodge, I hope for this blog to be a realistic portrayal of what you might reasonably expect to experience in that journey.

For the 99.9% of Freemasons already out there, perhaps this Blog will spark some old memories and encourage you to reminisce about your experiences when you were truly still green. 

As the title mentioned, I am now “All Caught Up”.  My experiences and thoughts will now be in the present and I will be sharing more experiences, thoughts and feelings as I work my way from Entered Apprentice to Fellow Craft to Master Mason and beyond.

This is my 8th post on Freemasonry and my experiences as a Freemason.  Here is the Table of Contents of my Masonic Journey.


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  1. Hello,
    Your blog has been really inspiring .. and I kind of feel envious of you for not being able to be a freemason.
    I live in Pakistan and all lodges here were closed during the 70s and freemasonry was outlawed.
    I’ve tried looking for any old Freemasons still living here but couldn’t find any.
    Even tried contacting lodges in neighboring India but they wouldn’t give me any info.
    Anyway .. best of luck in your endeavours !

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