Initial Application of a Freemason

January 6, 2007

Application form As it turns out, I never did get back a response from the Grand Lodge regarding suggestions of lodges that I might be interesting in approaching and joining.  This was a concern for me because this was my second attempt at contact and I was really hoping to meet more Brothers and learn about some lodges in my area.

Even though I still felt that I needed more information about which lodge to join, I decided to apply to the lodge that I first made contact with.  About 6 weeks after the BBQ, I met with two Masons to go over the application process.  This was the original Brother that I had met earlier and his next door neighbour, who was also a member of his lodge.  Both of these men were to become my First and Second Sponsors in my application. 

The neighbour turned out to be a Past Master of the lodge and had actually sponsored the first member in his initial application.  We had a very good conversation and I picked up some good information.

It was explained to me that the application process was a two way process.  The lodge was very concerned with getting good recruits just as much as I was concerned with finding a good lodge.  It was possible to belong to two different lodges at the same time plus a “Research Lodge”, so I was not locked into any particular lodge.  This helped to relieve some of my concerns about choosing a lodge. 

I was still querying both Brothers about what Masonry really was, and I was only getting back snippets of info such as ritual, festive boards, charity etc.  I couldn’t really know until I joined.  Of course I was already leaning heavily towards joining because I had been “kicking tires” for a few months already, but the neighbour said something that really tweaked my interest.

He said that “you have to think of Freemasonry as an adventure into the unknown.”  I haven’t really had an adventure into the unknown in a very long time so we completed all of the forms and I submitted half of my initiation fee.

The initiation fee itself was a lot lower than what I had expected.  I had found a reference to how much initiation fees were about 50 years ago, and when I added what I though inflation would be, I thought that I would not be able to afford to join.  It surprised me to find out that the initiation fee was about the same as it was back then.  It hadn’t significantly increased in 50 years!  However, it sure would have been very expensive back then.

After my one-time initiation fee, there was a yearly fee as well.  I belong to a YMCA fitness facility and my membership there is more than five times more expensive than belonging to a lodge.  I guess most of these lodges have been around for so long that the buildings and properties must have been paid for many years ago.  I don’t know how else they can afford to maintain the lodges.

The next step was for my application to be read in open lodge, where an Investigative Committee of Master Masons would be formed to investigate me.

This is my 5th post on Freemasonry and my experiences as a Freemason.  Here is the Table of Contents of my Masonic Journey.



  1. Your experiences so far as a Mason are both standard to the whole community and also first class. I look forward with anticipation to more postings from you and hope that they will show the same vast interest in the masonic structure as I have found.

    Fraternally and with every good wish


  2. Like your blog. I’m going through a similar journey myself…currently a FC, but very much a student of the craft. I’m finding that my interest is more zealous than my mentors are used to. They seem to want to give me the quick-n-dirty on everything, when what I really want is every boring little detail!

    I look forward to more posts.

  3. Really enjoying this blog. Wish you well on your journey.


  4. I stumbled across your blog today looking for peoples experiences with freemasonry. I just recently found out that my own application has been approved and am awaiting my initiation date. I’ve enjoyed reading about yor journey so far and look forward to future posts.

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