First Contact of Freemasonry

January 4, 2007

contact I was now ready to start “kicking some tires”.  This was right at the start of July and I wasn’t aware that most lodges shut down for the summer, so I guess I was lucky to make contact.   

I found my Province’s Grand Lodge and started looking at individual lodge websites in my area.  I had heard that the average age of a Freemason was getting up there, so I started looking for the best lodge websites.  I figured that if they had a good web presence, they would probably be one of the “hipper” lodges.   

I was surprised to learn that several different lodges met in the same buildings at different times.  I now had around 20 different potential lodges to choose from to contact.  I drove to a couple of the lodges to try and look in, but there was nothing really to be seen and there were not any notices on any of the lodge’s doors.

I sent out one email to the Grand Lodge and two emails to what I thought were the most promising lodges based on their websites.  I simply said that I was interested in learning more about Freemasonry, the process of possibly joining and who to contact and what to do.  I did receive one response back within a day or two from one of the lodges.  I have never heard back from the other two.  I eventually did end up joining the lodge that quickly responded to me.  In hindsight, I now realize that at the time, I only had a curiosity about joining, and if I had not received a response like I did, I most likely would not have pursued it any further.

The response that I did receive was from a lodge with an excellent functional website.  It had an educational section with many articles, an up-to-date calendar of events, a virtual reality tour, and even hosted a Masonic Podcast.  I was immediately invited to meet this Brother in person, and a few days later we met for dinner at an Earl’s restaurant.  I was surprised at this turn of events.  I figured that I would be sent some general information and literature, and I was impressed by his generous offer to meet me right away in person.

(This Brother eventually became my First Sponsor when I petitioned to join.)

We talked for about two hours and his enthusiasm for Masonry was infectious.  I probably could not petition a lodge to join until the fall so I had a few months of waiting to do.  I asked what I could do in the meantime, and he invited me to a BBQ that would have members from a few different lodges attending.

This is my 3rd post on Freemasonry and my experiences as a Freemason. Here is the Table of Contents of my Masonic Journey.


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  1. I too have sent out e-mails to the Grand Lodge of Alberta and to the Lodge I wish to petition near Calgary, but still no reply or contact.I know…good things come to he who waits.

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